BodyStories: Teresa Fellion Dance


August 18, 2016

Week 6 with Mia!


Week 6 consisted of a group of 7 dancers ready to learn, play, and perform. We began day 1 by introducing ourselves. We did so by dancing the spelling of our names utilizing various parts of the body.  Each dancer came up with a unique way to dance and shape the letters that make up their first name.  We were able to transition this improvisation into little solo moments in our modern/contemporary dance later that day.  

We explored several warm up phrases using modern techniques such as under-curve swings, head to tail connection, and floor work. Then we began putting together a contemporary modern routine using some of the phrases from warm up along with our name improvisations, and various spatial patterns.  The routine was to the Glee cast’s version of “Yesterday” by The Beatles.  The young ladies performed the dance with wonderful ease and awareness. See here.


On day 2, we began to explore jazz technique. Our warm up consisted of isolations, and a lot of lunges and stretches.  We went across the floor doing battement phrases and pirouettes combinations.  The jazz was tough, because of the more rigid technique, but the girls stuck with it and prevailed. We did our routine to the latest Beyonce hit “Hold Up.” It’s a fun summer jam that allowed the girls to explore their sassiness on top of executing tough jazz techniques, as well as a classic kick line! See here

On day 3, we came in feeling tired and sore.  Wednesdays are always tough.  But we swiftly pumped up the energy to start learning hip hop grooves. We discussed the origin of hip hop dance and how there is always a strong connection to music and community.  From there, we learned some eighties hip hop moves, and then moved our way into the new millennium to some of the recent hip hop crazes.  YES we did the “Whip and Nay Nay.” Then we put it all together in a routine.  See here. Our counselor Amanda had the idea to do a flash mob with the hip hop dances that other campers might know.  And we were able to perform our dance, flash mob style, during lunch break on Thursday. See here.


The remaining two days were spent going over the techniques we learned and perfecting our dances. Friday was our big performance day.  All the parents came and we also had the early childhood department come down to see our moves.  It was super fun and rewarding.

It was pretty much a consensus with all the dance campers that their favorite routine was the hip hop routine.  And speaking to each of them individually, the majority said their favorite exercise was a trust exercise we did on Wednesday, in which one partner keeps her eyes closed while the other partner guides her through the space without crashing her into the walls or another group.  We really grew as dancers and as a team throughout the week.  With two more weeks left, the dance majors are on fire!