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Blog: Behind the Scenes at Ross 2016

August 8, 2016

Week 5 with Teresa!

In teaching two weeks in a row, I had a chance to really get to know the students and faculty at Ross. I feel like I learned as much about movement expression and invention in the games of “dance catch” that I played in “off” time after class, as I did in the studio. The students here really digest the tools offered to them to create their own inventions in a magical way. One student from last week is even singing “Eye of the Tiger in her Glee Club minor this week. She is obsessed and I love it!

I had the joy of leading an amazingly vibrant group of seven students Week 5, including our supportive Counselor In Training, Isabella! With this amount of energy, we kept all of the dances light and rapid.

We focused on a Jazz Dance on Day One, set to the infectious music of Jason Derulo.  Watch it [HERE!] I couldn’t help but bring back a retro theme day after our request for Eye of the Tiger last week. No live band this week, but we did an extended dance to [Groove is in the Heart] by Dee-Lite with tons of turns, jumps, and handstands. Go 90’s!

For hip hop we danced to Meghan Trainor’s “NO” in a majorly empowering way. It was great to explore some of the floorwork we had been doing in technique class, and work with the music.

During Week Five, I also had the opportunity to assist Michael Apuzzo from the Paul Taylor Dance Company in a workshop for Ross Students. Dancing with and helping to lead the high school and younger students in the circular choreography was a great way to witness my students’ growth from another perspective. Watch the dance [HERE].

DFG_WW_0819 DFG_WW_0980

Each week at Ross brings new creative challenges. I look forward to Week Eight!