BodyStories: Teresa Fellion Dance


September 6, 2016

Week 8 with Teresa!

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Week 8 closed out the season at Ross, and we made every minute count! These seven spirited dancers threw themselves into their studies with energy and ambition. Even though our week was one day shorter than usual, these dancers still wanted to learn and perform a third dance for the showing, in addition to all of our technical and creative exercises!

Monday, we studied hip hop, focusing on syncopation with the music and footwork. The dancers truly loved our dance, Salute! See here.

Tuesday, we focused on contemporary dance, working with texture and changes in speed, as well as floor work, and several types of turns. See here. Wednesday was our musical theatre day. We had such a wonderful time creating a swing dance remix with music from The Great Gatsby. See here. In the dance minor, we had an intimate group of three lovely dancers with diverse backgrounds in dance. We did a mix of modern and contemporary dance techniques, and created one short introduction in our showing to Rihanna’s ubiquitous song “Work,” and a longer piece including solos to “Figure Me Out.”  See here and here.

We got wild on Friday with the Lip Sync Battle. Special shout-out to the amazing dancers on team white, rock on! The dancers in the Week 8 Major and Minor worked very well as teams to create and challenge themselves with movement each day. It was great to dance with them, and we hope to see everyone again next summer!

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Leading the dance major and minor for the final week of Ross Summer Program was truly rewarding. It is bittersweet to say goodbye on the final day after witnessing the students’ growth over the past eight weeks; the friendships they make, the skills they learn, and so much more. We at BodyStories wish all of our summer dance program students the very best during their 2016/17 school year. If you’re interested in joining BodyStories for dance afterschool,  please contact or 646.662.5128 for more information. Congratulations all on a great summer!