BodyStories: Teresa Fellion Dance


August 22, 2016

Week 7 with Julia!

Week 7 at The Ross School was a blast! The dance major had four talented and energetic students who always tried everything and had a great time dancing. Day one we learned modern technique, including our modern dance flat backs and drop swings. The dancers also worked in partners to create duets with secret handshakes. We worked together to create a dance to Flo Rida’s “Welcome to My House.” See here.

We had lots of fun on day 2 in our hip hop class working on our sassy walks and putting together our hip hop routine! Our attitude was put to work as we danced to “Worth It,” by Fifth Dimension. See here.

Day 3 we were soft and regal in our ballet class where we learned new vocabulary and practiced our first, second, and fifth positions! The dancers were the spirit of elegance in our ballet routine, set to the ubiquitous “Hello,” by Adele.

Friday’s showing was a huge success. Adapting to a schedule conflict, two of our students transformed all of our routines from quartets to duets and they did an amazing job. All the musical theater students stopped by to watch so we had a big audience!
One of my favorite camper quotes from the week was “I wish my school had dance during the year!” That was from El who had never danced before!
It was a great week in the Hamptons all around!