BodyStories: Teresa Fellion Dance

Blog: Company dancers reflect on the concepts of  reeling and healing

November 14, 2018

Company member  Erin Landers exploresthe ideas of “reeling” and “healing” through questions that feel especially relevantWechatIMG816 today. She describes reeling as that disoriented, spinning question, “how did we get here?”

Healing raises questions for her too: “How do weo through the storm and come out the other side? How do we protect ourselves without shutting off, shutting out?”  For Erin, healing is a process that begins by looking deeply, honestly, unflinchingly.



Company member Serena Chang shares what healing means to her: When I think of healing I think of the spectrum of emotions

WechatIMG811the process entails.
How long does it take to really overcome traumaand do we ever truly accomplish this? This piece and our movement explores these extremes and we are working to push these ideas even further.





Company member Kate Bishop what healing means to her: On healing…

A series of highs and lows Moments that seem conquered, yet absolutely unhinged. Healing is vulnerableWechatIMG818

For reeling: On reeling… A series of highs and lows Moments that seem unhinged, yet absolutely conquered. Reeling is unsuture




Company member Tamara Leigh what realing -> healing means to her: Being able witness and be a part of the creation of reeling and heeling has brought a lot of insight into my experience of the work.

WechatIMG817The physical reactions created from internal and external forces throughout the piece can bring a familiar sensation and visual to how overcoming the forces of every life can be. One is not always aware of how constant external forces are able change and manipulate internal being and how it can that change may present itself.


Company member Xenia Mansour what realing -> healing means to her: As we’ve been in the process of creating realing -> healing I’ve been thinking a lot about the wide scope of what healing can entail. This piece has pushed us to some very physical extremes and through the WechatIMG810
wildness comes a peace of sorts, a more known experience and understandingof healing.
Healing is both frustration and peace, a spectrum of feelings. The transition between all of these feelings is fast and often not noticeable, but it’s the shift and the transition that is the most fascinating to me.




“reeling -> healing” work’s composer Kevin Keller what realing -> healing means to him: In silk making, reeling is the process of winding a group of cocoon filaments into a single thread.

Over the course of the musical score for “reeling->healing”, dissonant musical notes and soundscapes slowly coalesce into a single tone.  The score creates a cocoon from which the movement emerges, winds, and evolves.