BodyStories: Teresa Fellion Dance


Who We Are:

BodyStories: Teresa Fellion Dance is a contemporary dance company of women that capture and communicate universal human encounters through dynamic, purposeful movement. BodyStories brings a wealth of cultural arts activism experience into each project they create with community partners. They make work that integrates and empowers audiences with shifts of thought patterns. They navigate audiences through and shift public and theater spaces in interactive performances to open different perspectives. They are a multifaceted, highly physical company laced with provocative, emotional, political, humorous edges.


BodyStories’ mission is to examine depths of society in their darkest and brightest moments, inspiring audiences to physically sense emotional and psychological aspects of the human condition on stage. Their work is intellectual and highly choreographed in every moment. It is intricately technical and controlled in every nuance, with a look that is not controlled. Live music is an important factor in many of BodyStories’ works. They also consistently work via in-depth lighting, costume, video and set designcollaborations. In addition to creating and performing innovative works, the company is committed to reaching diverse populations through community engagement and education, and maintaining a stable business model to sustain their work. Valuing international exchange, they collectively speak nine languages and research, perform, and collaborate with artists from five continents.