BodyStories: Teresa Fellion Dance

Works: Fault Line

Fault Line  (2010) 2-4 Dancers          15 Minutes

A quartet reflects growth, repetition, contrast, intimacy, separation, and parallels of human relationships at varying levels of connection. Complicated phrase work and partnering embodies how relationships and movement can ricochet, burst, support, harmonize, and suspend. Fault Line  establishes complex roles of two co-existing relationships, both isolated and intertwined, and the dissolution of each. With sensitivity to detail, varying levels of touch, and telling focal changes, dancers reveal a range of emotional states. Natural images include soft, rippling, blossoming flowers, disintegration into imbalanced rumbling, and finally explosive elements of an earthquake.

Composition by Teresa Fellion includes cello, piano, and two vocalists. Its increasing levels of harmony and dissonance expand energetically outward. (can be presented live, with vocalists integrated into performance as dancers’ subconscious). Enhanced lighting design delineates architecture of shared and isolated space.



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