BodyStories: Teresa Fellion Dance

Works: Fox Knocks Twice

BodyStories partners with schools and youth programs. (See Education). Fox Knocks Twice is an interactive children’s dance-theater performance relative to Dr. Seuss’s The Cat in the Hat with athletic, imaginative movement, expressive action and faces, and lively narration. Professional dancers, actors, teachers, and choreographers wrote our original story and developed performances focusing on children’s active engagement. Offering exposure to our written story in classrooms before our visit, incorporating students into the show, and afterwards discussing themes and reactions challenge students to develop their performance, critical thinking, writing, and verbalizing skills.

Fox is often accompanied by lecture-demonstrations, Q&A, dance classes, and workshops, which include “write your own ending contest” which we perform, teamwork, conflict resolution, text and movement, character analysis, daily life problem-solving, trust building exercises, or role-playing improvisations where children identify characters’ emotional patterns and compare to their own lives. Students also create an orchestra where they are responsible for making sound effects on assigned words, facilitating musical awareness and extended focus. Program is customizable and can be geared for grades K–4, older, and special education students. Accepted by DOE NYC standards for creative arts programming.

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