BodyStories: Teresa Fellion Dance

Works: No One Gets Out of Here Alive

No One Gets Out of Here Alive  (2013) 4 Dancers   30 Minutes (Shorter Selections Available)


“No One Gets Out of Here Alive”: A comedic dance-theater piece about awkward junior high and plastic regressions of adulthood explores differences between mature and immature behavior via adult commentary with a Brechtian Slant. The clothes thing, boob thing, boyfriend thing, nasty, gossipy, destructive behavior, and much more: all illuminated through excitingly quirky and deconstructed dance vocabulary including a hormonal dance vocabulary, quick physical mood shifts, provocative tableaux, slow motion fight scenes, lip-syncing, athletic partnering, exaggerated facial expressions, situational comedy, dream sequences, and “inventive” committed social dancing.

“Alive” is loosely based off my astute observations as a nerdy, shy “outsider” in 6th grade. Through boy short hair (when it wasn’t fashionable), coke bottle glasses, argyle sweater vests, and 104 point GPA, I saw that cliques and power dynamics were unhealthy—and hilarious.




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