BodyStories: Teresa Fellion Dance

Blog: Week 3 at the Ross School, with Erin!

July 18, 2017

unnamedOn Day One we were able to spend a lot of time focusing on the mechanics of dance with the students.  Starting with an icebreaker to warm them up, into exploring movement, and then going straight into material to be used in Dance 1. Using a mixture of traveling steps, grapevine, and ball change, we incorporated hand ribbons to create this piece.


On Day Two we had a chance to work with the Early Childhood education students.  With these younger students, I focused more on rhythm-based games and dance games based around animals before running them through an adapted version of the ribbon dance from Day One.

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For the remainder of the week, I had the chance to work with the gymnasts. It was a great opportunity to merge the physical demands of dance and gymnastics.

I worked with the students on a short dance to be performed on Friday.  I had them focus on inside turns and jumping routines. It was great seeing the students in several environments at Ross have so much fun during the week, learning more about dance.

It was awesome being able to work with the many different departments at the school and applying my experience of dance to the different aspects of each.