BodyStories: Teresa Fellion Dance

Blog: Week 4 at the Ross School, with Teresa!

July 25, 2017
IMG_4530Working with the Ross Dance students during Week Four was a blast! What a productive and inspiring group! As an opening activity on day one, we got to know each other through alliteration and movement, such as “Lovely Leilani,” making a movement that matches our description and all learning them. From these creative vocabulary and movements created by the students, we made a wonderful group phrase and set it to different music styles and tempo.


Throughout the week students also enjoyed such bonding experiences as the dance chair switch game (which got so intense!), zip zap zop boing “movement version,” choreographer in residence, and other stimulating movement games. Their improvisational skills were off the charts! So proud of these boys and girls!
The Week Four students delighted in learning choreography and making their own dances. We studied and learned hip hop dance phrases, and we worked with several songs. Then everyone split up into duets for our compositional portion. The students manipulated our main hip-hop phrasework and added their own movements via prompts given. Each duet was awesome, and the students worked so well together! It was so inspiring to see them become best friends in such a short time, want to share their favorite songs, and watch dance videos they make at home with each other and me! šŸ™‚


Once we had our material created and rehearsed, we went into “dance video mode!” We filmed our dance several times with different backgrounds, and then made a mashup video of all of the takes with different filters, giving it cool effects. When we invited audienceĀ on Friday, we were able to share the live performance, as well as our dance video with them! So proud of these ambitious dancers, missing them already! Enjoy their dances!