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Blog: Week 5 at the Ross School, with Erin!

August 1, 2017

In this, our fourth summer, we once again have the opportunity to help out at Ross School of Learning teaching dance to their lovely students! ErinIMG_9100Pride returned and loved teaching at Ross again during Week Five of our program! Read about her experiences below….


We started the week off with students playing the dance chair game and zip zap zoom. We then chose a song together that they wanted to learn choreography to. We learned a dance to our selected song, and then students created their solos. We incorporated the solos into the group choreography, and closed with another exciting movement game.

In the second day of class we began with team-building games, then shot footage for our music video. Lastly, the students and I selected a new song for their second dance, and we began showing.


On Wednesday we opened up with the entire camp dance along – students were so engaged!  We then did a warm up with the theater class, followed by a few games.  Students worked on duets which you can watch here and here, we videoed and began piecing our choreography from Tuesday/Wednesday  together for Dance Two.


IMG_9200Thursday was great! We played our morning movement games, reviewed dances, and then created a movement museum – where each student drew a picture reflecting dance this week, they rotated and each added to the other picture. We hung the pictures around the space and each student created a solo based on their picture. We used these for our Friday showing as well! Stay tuned for more information about Friday’s showing coming soon!