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Blog: Week 6 at the Ross School, with Corey!

August 8, 2017


FullSizeRender (1)It was a fantastic week with this young, enthusiastic group of dancers! In this, our fourth summer, we once again have the opportunity to help out at Ross School of Learning teaching dance to their lovely students! Corey Bliss loved teaching at Ross during Week Six of our program! Read about her experiences below…

Each day started out with a jazz-based isolations warmup that led into across the floor movements including the grapevine, leaps, and jazz runs. We played many different movement games, including the class favorite “Chance Dance,” which involves rolling a fuzzy dice to determine steps, patterns and movement qualities.




IMG_7861In the first part of the week, the dancers learned iconic choreography from Michael Jackson’s “Thriller,” and had a blast! They learned lots of new movements and styles – a favorite was the “around the world,” a floorwork hip hop move.

Each dancer created a solo inspired by their favorite color or animal, and incorporated movement derived from opposite pairs: fast/slow, big/small, line/curve, in place/traveling, sharp/smooth, etc. They also created “monkey” solos on the ballet barres, and played with ideas of shifting weight, balance and leverage.



The dancers also created mirroring duets with each other, and learned about the importance of eye contact when partnering and dancing with others.

Here’s a quote from Tilly, age 8:

“Learning our solos and the “Thriller” dance was my favorite part of the week, and I have to say I will remember the mirror duets for a very long time.”