BodyStories: Teresa Fellion Dance

Blog: Week 8 at the Ross School, with Teresa!

August 23, 2017
IMG_5485.MOV.00_00_08_18.Still002My students during Week 8 were truly fantastic in different ways. In the Dance Major, I had a focused group who felt the joy of dance and wanted to spend every moment rehearsing. In the Dance Minor, I had an inquisitive and energetic group that kept moving the whole time, wanted to try a million movement games, and made an interactive dance crime scene. What an inspiring week!


IMG_5487.MOV.00_01_42_24.Still001The Week Eight Dance Major wanted to do three dances, even though it was a short week with our showing on Thursday because of Field Day on Friday. What a motivated group!


Each dance had a wonderful mix of group movement and small group/solo movement. We enjoyed learning choreography and creating students’ own variations for their small group work. I am truly proud of them! Our first dance incorporated and drew variations from the fun new song, “Rolex.” We learned choreography, made our own variations, and made a MASHUP DANCE VIDEO to this dance we all enjoyed learning together. Of course, we also performed it live, so our audience could see the sitting and lying down dance floor snow angels in person!

Our second dance was to “Alingo,” a song by Nigerian R&B duo P-Square. The students were thrilled by the amazing rhythms in this song and they did so well with a lot of formation and direction changes. Our final performance was to “Titanium” by David Guetta and Sia. We began this piece with barre solos and small group dances on the barre. In creating these with my direction, the dancers were very in tune with their timing, and were so adventurous! We then left the barre and continued with contemporary and lyrical movements. The dancers were truly beautiful.



The Week Eight Dance Minor was also so much fun!! With such a wonderful and lively group, we were able to do so much creative movement through games and create dances too! We played dance versions of zip zap zop, chair escape, chance, museum, and so many other great movement games. We also created an exciting dance phrase from alliterative qualities of our names, such as Jumping Julian and Dazzling Divia.

For the “shape of you” we made interactive group shapes with our bodies a la Pilobolus, from triangles to trapezoids, even a pentagon and a peace sign. One of our students knew all the words and background to a lot of music from various eras, for someone of her young age.

From her (and my) vote, we danced to “Smooth Criminal,” by Michael Jackson. The dancers worked amazingly and imaginatively together to make a full dance crime scene out of the song. It was a talented group that both learned choreography, worked collaboratively as a group, made their own solos. So proud of them!

I will miss all of these lovely students until next summer. See you then!