BodyStories: Teresa Fellion Dance

  • Five dancers on stage, each in a starfish position standing up with their left arm bent towards their head.
  • Dancer is falling the ground in a fetal-type position, hovering over the ground with his head down
  • Two dancers, one in the background sitting down with her legs extended straight in front of her as she reaches forwards. The other dancer is in front of her, on her right knee with her left leg bent and her left foot arched on the ground.
  • Five dancers facing opposite directions in a warrior pose.
  • “All together there are nine pieces, highlights of which were by Teresa Fellion Dance (New York City), whose ‘BodyStories’ is a chic piece of dance-theatre. Each piece is accompanied by sophisticated & enchanting soundscapes.”
    Mumble Dance
  • “Teresa Fellion explores borders that are invisible and political, and those people find when they cross them, such as "metaphorical borders" in language, culture, and class. Movement choices include several wonderful moments and wellcrafted phrasing. The work is conceptually brave.”
    Donald K Atwood MFA. Ph,D., World Dance Reviews
  • “Fellion’s movement often takes on the quality of a surrealist painting: a striking juxtaposition of the pedestrian with the abstract....Movements that look simple at first often contain layers, and reveal themselves as both complex and deeply rooted in meaning over time. Fellion uses her dancers’ lines and strength to construct elaborate piles of bodies that range in tone from tender to almost sinister. Throughout, Fellion is incredible at illustrating the way that people fit together--or don’t--in different kinds of relationships.”
    Melanie Brown , Stage Buddy
  • “In that new air of connection, I felt a new assuredness – even a ferocity – in the presence of these moving souls. They had shifted to a place that allowed such a connection, and then that ferocity could shine through. It begins with us....The ensemble displayed not only striking stamina and commitment to their performance, but a pleasing clarity of physical shaping and pathways of momentum even while keeping movement supple and continuous.”
    Kathryn Boland, Dance Informa Magazine
  • “...5 performers tumbling & gyrating along to haunting, metallic percussion by a live on-stage drummer. A definite must see for fans of modern & contemporary dance.”
    Mumble Dance
  • “After seeing the third part of choreographer Teresa Fellion's The Mantises are Flipping series at Danspace Project, we couldn't wait to pick her brains about this fascinating work...Fellion was kind enough to find the time to answer a few of our questions about the inspiration for and evolution of the Mantises series, the challenges NYC choreographers face, and why she's glad she has an "overactive imagination.”
    Heather Chamberlain, Stage Buddy Interview
  • The Mantises are Flipping W.3 starts from the moment you walk in the door. The fury does not decrease until it ends....It is absolutely fascinating....Teresa Fellion’s dancers have a strong idea of what captivates an audience. Their faces, so refreshingly animated, indicate a rich inner life. Their bodies become like a paint brush that uses our imaginations as a canvas, painting hundreds of interpretations of life.”
    Heather Chamberlain, Stage Buddy
  • “Fresh and compelling. I go to dance to be transported as I was by this show. See for yourself! Strong solid dancers! WOW!”
    MJ Mc G, Boulder International Fringe Festival and Naropa University
  • “Teresa Fellion’s choreography is like a car engine of movement; transference of energy that is constantly remolded/shifted, and brings us to a beautiful place…”
    Celeste Miller, Jacob’s Pillow International Dance Festival
  • “BodyStories: Teresa Fellion Dance’s performance was unapologetic expression of emotion through both movement in space and the spaces in between movement. The dancers’ sensuality is tamed by a hyper-awareness of where each muscle and limb is positioned as they live in their performance, possessing a dynamic understanding of the subtle and nuanced language of modern dance as an expression of not only the body itself, but of stories untold of the mind and soul. (more…)
    Sarah Coursey, New World Arts Communication
  • “BodyStories: Teresa Fellion Dance combines athletic & technical physicality, sculptural shapes and intense partnering with comedic timing and feats of tested balance. (They) explore complexities of human relationships and junior high angst with athleticism, grace and physical comedy.”
    Maine Sun Journal
  • “The choreography unfolded persuasively, just as it had in the rehearsal. Ms. Fellion is most fortunate to have a committed troupe of dancers to work with, and they gave the piece their all. Several powerful vignettes ensued, and the overall effect was strikingly enhanced by the lighting."”
    Phillip Gardner, Oberon's Grove
  • “Teresa Fellion’s Agawam ventures into nostalgia…. Agawam offers a high-energy display of feminine facility and athleticism.”
    Melanie Greene, The Dance Enthusiast
  • “BodyStories: Teresa Fellion Dance…illustrated the strengths of group works…with a harmony and connection which brought a depth of feeling to the stage.”
    Danielle Farrow, Edinburgh Spotlight
  • “The fourth piece, (Fault Line) however, was probably my favourite of the entire showcase. Four female dancers led a spellbound audience through a visual tale of romance, desire and the compromises we make for love. Bodystories/Teresa Fellion Dance have stepped bravely up to the mirror and refused to shy away from our most unpleasant characteristics, while unfailingly celebrating the potential for beauty within each of us. Through repeated movements, loving touches and some of the angriest dance I have ever seen women undertake on the stage, this group has created true magic.”
    Caroline Whitham, Edinburgh Festivals Magazine
  • “By alluding to sacred texts, visual art, and recorded histories, the ballet “Book of Saints” offers a luminous and contemporary space for meditation on who we are – or hope to be – as humans.”
    Veronica Cross, Revieux
  • “I have seen segments of this repertoire performed in the past, and the cast and choreography is absolutely gripping. Not to be missed. An arousal for the ears, eyes, minds & hearts. Exquisitely constructed and thoughtfully laid out.”
    Christopher Mailhot, Boulder International Fringe Festival and Naropa University
  • “Fabulous. Great choreography, lots of energy, great movements. Captivating. Anywhere from 1 to 8 dancers will keep you riveted. If you’re a fan of modern dance, a must see. If you’re not a fan of modern dance, this will change you.”
    Douglas Blondin, Boulder International Fringe Festival and Naropa University
  • “...rose walk green ice offers a complex mosaic of colorful ideas and images....As in a science fiction movie, rose walk green ice offers images, which bear likeness to our world, but are somehow misplaced....These mysterious details somehow conform to the bizarre world created by the piece. Fellion keeps us guessing.
    Theo Boguszewski, The Dance Enthusiast
  • “It was a high-impact, high-density piece….expertly executed and elaborate.”
    Joanna Furnans, See Chicago Dance
  • “BodyStories, under the careful artistic direction of Teresa Fellion, embody the raw experience of human encounters through the medium of dance. They offer an innovative expression of the difficult coming of age phase of adolescent life - exploring the mental and physical changes in this quirky routine....The effect was captured through the dancers exaggerated facial expressions and body language...there is no denying the physical ability and talent of all the performers.”
    Emma Steedman, Broadway Baby
  • “Teresa Fellion shows how dance can offer an audience a raw view of personal stories, emotion, and a deep connection that cannot be captured through words.”
    Bethany Mathieu, Livermore Falls Advertiser
  • “BodyStories is known for taking audiences on emotional journeys, and rose walk green ice took this to the next level, with a narrative that was part feeling and part story, not unlike the mental voyage of a great jazz piece. The musical accompaniment of guitar, piano and digitally-mastered, ethereal sounds added to the space-age/stone-age quality, and when I say stone-age, I am referring to the evermore dynamics of what it means to be human, to be a self with others in the world. rose walk green ice is a vision of who we are and where we are going, and the importance of reflection and dissection in our modern culture.”
    Sarah Coursey, BlogPress
  • “I discovered the light, fast, fluid work of the New York based Teresa Fellion Dance company, filled with wit and levity.”
    Bidisha, The Huffington Post
  • “Their energies rippled through the sky and earth. The sense of divine feminine power was tangible…. The piece showed us the power of life in our body, and the blessings waiting for us as they move from this Earth (whatever one’s conception of that may be).”
    Kathryn Boland, Dance Informa Magazine
  • “A welcome respite from the plethora of works jam-packed with stellar technique and perpetual motion, Bodystories: Teresa Fellion Dance presents an excerpt of the rave-like reeling -> healing. With convulsive jolts and weighted stomps, it hints at processing feelings of frustration and helplessness.”
    Cecly Placenti, The Dance Enthusiast
  • Fault Line managed to engage my friend and I (and the rest of the audience, judging by the applause)... It starts modestly, but the passionate and skillful partnering between the four women steadily draws the audience in, until, by the end, they are completely absorbed by the fluctuating relationships and emotions on stage.”
    Amanda Grimm, The Skinny Magazine
  • “Interesting and culturally specific movement vocabulary informs the choreography and structured improvisation by Teresa Fellion and her company. Five different dance narratives or body stories are thematically connected through a physical response to human migration and its ensuing emotional resonance—dislocation, alienation, resident fear, a dialectic between insiders and outsiders, natives and foreigners; an invitation to belong; the hope, comedy, and tragedy of social isolation as part and parcel of the human condition. (more…)
    Nick Mwaluko, The New York Theatre Experience, Inc.
  • “As a whole, the work is disarmingly, even challengingly human. There were moments, especially in watching 'The Mantises Are Flipping' up close, when I found myself inexplicably blushing, perhaps out of some fleeting recognition of the personal in this strangely beautiful dance.”
    Aniella Perold, Cretus Magazine
  • “'Dance is not just movement, it is expression'. Lifelong dancer Teresa Fellion has taken this notion and put her own spin on it by creating beautiful works with BodyStories: Teresa Fellion Dance.”
    Heather Girgenti, East Hampton Press
  • “The “W” in the title stands for “world,” and Ms. Fellion and her colleagues do succeed in creating one....John Yannelli and members of the SLC Experimental Music Ensemble contribute a richly textured, partly live score of drones, strings plucked and strummed, swelling distortion, and high hums. The choreography is action-packed with a strong flow, a current that is sometimes tidal, washing the dancers back and forth across St. Mark’s Church, turning the terrarium into an aquarium.”
    Brian Seibert, The New York Times
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