BodyStories: Teresa Fellion Dance

Works: Continually Healing

Continually Healing (2022) 4-6 Dancers

Continually Healing continues research from a choreographic series that began in 2018, and has gone through many progressions, advancing my artistic inquiry into the management of trauma, violence, inaction, and eventual reconciliation through movement and creative expression. This work, in particular, will focus on the mental distress caused as a result of the pandemic. Through Continually Healing, we aim to explore the frustration caused by the isolation and separation from loved ones. This work intends to speak to traumas and healings experienced by a diverse range of individuals throughout the pandemic. Stories are extremely varied, yet our work seeks to uncover universal truths through a shared artistic experience. Choreographically, we worked on differing dynamics in phrase work to demonstrate the quick changes in mandates, variants, and social issues. We also played with the contrasting qualities of isolation and demonstrating the varied experiences from person to person. This allowed each dancer to express their individual experience and a space to work through the feelings of isolation and longing for others through text to movement and pulling from that to develop our material. We hope that through Continually Healing the audience will feel invited to process their own feelings and emotions in a safe space alongside us.