BodyStories: Teresa Fellion Dance

Works: Control Dominion

Control Dominion  (2014) 4, 6, or 30 Dancers in a Workshop Setting

55 Minutes (Shorter Selections Available)


Dancers in cyborg society, Control Dominion, struggle between individual will and governing control. Opposing forces of surrender and domination reveal harrowing pitfalls of the proselytizing hive mind. Frenetic, alert movement and intricate, distorted phrases are programmed rather than organic. Dynamic progressions become chock full of manic activity as dancers fling, throw, jerk, jump, stiffen, fall, roll, lift, and engage sometimes beyond their capacity to control. Complex rhythmic sequences create gradations of synchronicity vs. presumed anarchy. Inward rotations, tensile contractions, and reverberations pierce and manipulate bodies and space. Electronic soundscape composed by John Yannelli includes mechanical sound effects, robotic beats, and a driving pulse. Max MSP Sci-Fi Video installation by Fellion has intermittent systematically set timing and futuristically programmed images. Tight, metallic, geometric suits with patched strips of honor glow under flashes of light.

(Performed in theaters or in industrial, sitespecific locations.)




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