BodyStories: Teresa Fellion Dance

Works: Healing Currently Downloading

Heeling Currently Downloading (2020)

Healing Currently Downloading acts as a sequel to previous company work reeling →  healing created in 2019. While reeling sought to capture the frustration of today’s world and the present societal tumult, Healing Currently Downloading explores outlets for processing these emotions through purposeful motion and action. The emotional qualities of the work are enhanced by dramatic shifts in attitude and form as well as artful video editing. Though viewers may question whether the work’s open-ended conclusion permits a complete resolution to the frustration, this work embodies an ongoing process of healing. Original music by John Yannelli contributes to the work’s sense of urgency and call for community–working in tandem with the choreography to immerse viewers in a fully formed, tumultuous, but, in the end, hopeful world. Created by a queer artist, Healing Currently Downloading reflects both internal and external struggle and the need to frequently reassess emotion and response throughout conflict.