BodyStories: Teresa Fellion Dance

Works: HOME

HOME  (2016) 3-5 Dancers     40 Minutes (Shorter Selections Available)

HOME draws upon ritualistic process to elucidate one’s search for home via encounters, communication, and understanding of oneself and others. Through movement ranging between off-centered to centered, syncopated to calm, the audience follows this stormed, yet intriguing journey that many undertake in creating a home for themselves. Dancers emerge as distinct individuals through their physicality, their various psychological responses propelling movement that creates isolation, nurturing, tantrums, and rebuilding. Dancers create sculptural, weighted, chaotic, aftershock, and apocalyptic moments that lead into a ceremonial procession constructing frames, implying a coming home or common ground. The dancers connect to form community or disconnect into individual self-absorption, causing individual highlights or the entire dance’s expansion, acceleration, or erosion as one large, single organism. HOME previewed at Hudson River Valley Museum and GK Arts Center and premiered at Gibney Dance Center Agnes Varis Performing Arts Center in June 2016


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