BodyStories: Teresa Fellion Dance

Works: Phish Collaborations

Phish Suite and Escape is Shifting are the two parts of Phish Collaborations. Suite premiered live in concert with rock band Phish in 2004 for audiences over 100,000. We have also adapted performances for Main Stage, Second Stage, and site-specific, outside locations, including grass hills, sculpture garden, and atop sculptures. BodyStories has future planned performances with Trey Anastasio and residencies in Burlington, VT. Suite brings Phish’s 5th album, Rift, alive with fun, vibrant movement and musicality. Dancers interact, fly and catch in athletic partnering feats, hoe-downs, virtuosic movement, tender duets, body sculptures and towers, and a bit of jazz. There are several intricate group spatial patterns, canons, humorous sections, and explosive instants, as well as softer moments. Escape is Shifting was created in collaboration with Trey Anastasio to his orchestral score, Seis de Mayo, and poetry, Guyute. We juxtapose dancing as play with and against complex rhythmical structures and investigate the human struggle of being transfixed by an outside force while simultaneously being repelled by it. Guyute is the ugly pig nestled uncomfortably in our innermost thoughts that playfully haunts our social exchanges. It is desired and feared as it nurtures and destroys. Guyute is the thought or object we cannot release. We cling as we ricochet between elevation and the unbearable. Dancers literally toss and turn in this inhospitable, yet riveting stage. In a range of highly technical and emotional vignettes, dancers experience fervor, isolation, amazement, dependency, self-examination and mania.

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