BodyStories: Teresa Fellion Dance

Works: The Lotus Flower

A dance theater opera with contemporary ballet and modern dance based upon popular Korean folk tale, Story of Shim Choung, is composed in an overture and six scenes starring Shim Choung, her blind father, villagers, monk, sea dragon king, and sea people. The story is based on Buddhist themes of reincarnation (represented by the lotus flower) and the Korean tradition of sacrifice. Shim Choung is sacrificed for her father’s sight, but the dragon king has mercy on her for such generosity and she returns to life. Wide-ranging choreographic storytelling has minimal and complex musical structures, gentle prayer, athletic celebratory awakenings, dramatic exuberance, sharp sacrificial rites, intimate moments, flowing wonderment, and maintains an understated presence of traditional Korean dance. This piece can incorporate child and adult community members as villagers and sea people.

Live (or recorded) chamber orchestra and electronic music is created by Korean composer Chan-Ji Kim. Instrumentation includes flute, alto flute, Bb clarinet, bass clarinet, alto saxophone, violin, viola, double bass, piano, percussion, mezzo-soprano sung in Korean, and electro-acoustic music. Scenery and props (with or without): baskets, ladder, human-sized lotus flower, silken scarves, papier maché mountain cliff, and track cushion. Costumes range from traditional village dress to surreal underwater world pink dresses and blue wigs. Video installation underwater shadow dancing transitions Shim Choung to sea.

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