BodyStories: Teresa Fellion Dance

Works: The Mantises Are Flipping (P.S. I’ll have whatever they’re having)

The Mantises Are Flipping is a trilogy of three independent works that  investigate reactions and relationships to sound and explore duality through movement.  Ryan Edwards and John Yannelli create live music that creates a voyeuristic point of observation into the idiosyncratic worlds and relationships among eight individuals. Dancers move between private moments of isolation, small group interactions, and envelopment into the whole. Euphoria, excitement, focus, frustration, and persistence are communicated through a quirky, stylized movement vocabulary, highly physical to vaguely indicated partnerships, vocalizations, and the juxtaposition of rhythm, harmony, and dissonance. The work invites the viewer to contemplate the relative nature of normalcy through the comedic and imaginative atmosphere of Mantises Are Flipping.

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