BodyStories: Teresa Fellion Dance

Works: Vessel? Really Now. (formerly known as rat’s nest)

Excursion into the land of DaDa and absurd humor, this solo has 3 phases; movement development, music randomness/juxtaposition, and women’s roles, which serve as grounding road maps. This kitchen sink both welcomes nonsense and makes tons of sense. Invested polyrhythmic actions develop via theme and variation, repetition, migration amongst body parts, tempo changes, and spontaneity. Athletic, full-bodied hip rotations, torso spiraling, sprightly jumping, falling, running, hanging in balance, rolling fingers, and soul tap footwork. Sound and movement interplay; cough-sniffle-sigh accumulative rhythms, percussion, howls, sound effects, and French music. Patti Page to Chris Brown to Star Wars affect my physicality, mental state, and timing as moods transition smoothly or abruptly and music and dancer continually trade control while the audience keeps guessing. Female identity surfaces through stripper dances, pageantry, masculinity, 1950s housewife stereotypes, animal birth, hair, and shooting.

Set (with or without) is a found art sculpture cascading into space, including absurd household objects.

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