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Blog: Black Lives Matter

June 5, 2020

Art of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor by Nikkolas Smith

To stand in solidarity with the protests happening all over the world in response to the murders of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and the many other Black Americans who have lost their lives to police brutality and hate crimes, we want to use our platform to uplift black voices and support Black Lives Matter. We want to hold ourselves and others accountable for the anti-racist work that must go on beyond this current moment and continue to dismantle all forms of racism that permeate our society-from ignorance to micoagressions to systemic racism, and everything in between. Will you join us in refusing to stay silent and complicit when it comes to racism? Here is a list of resources to advocate for the protection of Black lives.


Effective activism starts with knowledge! After all, how can we help without knowing what we’re fighting against? Books and podcasts are some of our favorite ways to learn, and we’ve compiled some of our favorites here. (Many of the bookstores we’ve linked to are black-owned businesses too!)


Allyship is often not as straightforward as a person might think. Many nonblack allies, despite intentions, overstep. Speaking over black voices, taking up space, and demanding Black people educate them on racism, are just a few examples. Being an effective ally starts with self-education and continuous accountability for yourself and other allies.


If you are protesting, make sure you are taking necessary precautions. For nonblack people, you are there to support black people. Listen to what they say, do not instigate any violence, do not post photos or videos protestors can be visibly identified in, and use your body as a shield to protect black bodies from the police and counterprotesters. And don’t forget to wear a mask.

There are still many ways to effectively protest, even if you’re not in the streets marching.


If you have the means, distributing financial resources is essential! Bail funds (more important than ever with how easily COVID spreads in jails and prisons!), funds for police brutality victims and their families, and supporting black-owned businesses are just some places that need financial support! Here is a list of reputable funds:

This is just a starting point for action. Don’t let it stop here in this current moment. Keep it going, continue educating yourself, stay engaged. This is work that needs to continue evolving and happening throughout all of our lifetimes.