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Blog: Virtual Dance Experience Fall Classes

September 18, 2020

Exploring dance virtually, although new and challenging, has allowed us the opportunity to grow as movers and artists. Dancing within our confines, adapting to our environments, and broadening our minds. Our two-weeks of virtual dance for pre-professional, professional, and youth dancers were fulfilling and inspiring, leaving us eager to continue exploring movement with you all! 

We are thrilled to announce our launch of weekly virtual youth AND pre-professional/professional dance classes. Our weekly youth virtual dance classes begin October 12th every Monday 3:00-4:30pm EST, with additional days/times available. Our youth classes include movement from BodyStories’ dance curriculum, incorporating different styles and techniques such as contemporary, jazz, ballet, choreography, improvisation, tap, Central and West African, salsa, swing, and more. We have classes designed for all levels of  juniors ages 4 and up, including 4-5yrs, 6-9yrs, 10-13yrs, and 14-17yrs.

Our weekly pre-professional/professional virtual dance classes start October 14th every Wednesday 12:00-2:00pm EST for technique and Thursday 12:00-2:00pm EST for composition. We may be able to offer some additional days and times. Contact us to submit scheduling requests for alternative class times.  This Fall series will continue to further BodyStories’ Mission of unleashing creativity and empowerment in dancers and developing a deeper understanding of the relationship between art and activism. Dancers will explore and rediscover joy in their movement in a comprehensive class transitioning from a yoga-flow like warm up, into classic modern and contemporary technique, and ending in extensive phrase work. These classes will provide us the opportunity to brush up on our foundations, while challenging our minds and bodies to approach movement from a unique and sometimes unfamiliar lens. Our classes will help build composition and improvisation skills by partnering movement, music, and text, as well as investigate the relationship between dance and social justice. You won’t want to miss out on this opportunity!

Suggested donations for youth & adult classes are $10 or $15 dollars. Please do not hesitate to reach out for any financial assistance or scholarship needed. We are completely open to meeting all participants where they are financially during this time.

*All classes will be held on Zoom*

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