BodyStories: Teresa Fellion Dance

Blog: Navigating Dance in The Virtual World

May 25, 2020

2020 has presented a unique challenge for BodyStories and dance companies around the world. We work primarily in a three-dimensional art form. Dancers exist in communal spaces, and we encourage audiences to see our performances in person to enjoy the full effect of bodies moving across planes. The COVID-19 crisis left BodyStories with canceled and postponed performances and no physical rehearsal and performance space. These circumstances left us with one option to remain connected through movement: virtual platforms. We wondered how we could continue working in our three-dimensional medium across two-dimensional space.

Three-dimensional movement offers different functional and expressive possibilities than two-dimensional movement. Three-dimensional activity allows for human touch and deep connections as we interact with other physical bodies. In two-dimensional representation, those physical bonds are not possible. Navigating human connection through a virtual reality is truly challenging. This forced us to examine our relationship with space and other moving bodies. We embraced two-dimensional media as a means of exploring process. We have incorporated discussions of our movement processes and our own feelings about connection within isolation to bridge the distance between moving bodies and audience members. BodyStories hopes that these insights into our processes for producing, enhancing, and maintaining work in turn enhances the connections between our dancers and audiences. We look to continue innovating in both the three-dimensional and two-dimensional realms!

Rehearsal on Zoom
From top left: Kevin Keller, Teresa Fellion, Nicole Kadar
From bottom left: Xenia Monsour, Serena Chang, Kate Bishop