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Blog: Week 3 at the Ross School with Tamara!

August 14, 2019

Day one

We only had three kids signed up for majors this week which was a little shock, but understandable because there are so many other cool majors the kids should also try out while they’re in camp. One student has been with me all three weeks though, Sharon. She was a minor first two weeks and a major last week, 7 pieces in 3 weeks wow she has a good noggin on her! Excited to start the week, we began with a modern piece. We started class with a different warm up than planned because the one planned required more people. We explored different pathways to the ground, played with plies and discovered drop swings. We played with the four elements and how they can help us move and give us texture. The piece turned out great highlighting our older girl and giving our younger ones time to shine. Sabrina, Samara, and Sharon all did great!

Minors is also a small group consisting of three. Four were on the list but the one girl switched to Major for tomorrow. We created a piece to ‘Dancing with a stranger’ with cool new moves we learned in our warm up.

Day two

Today we have three again, our older girl dropped, but we had another familiar face join us, Gaby, she also had been with us all three weeks. We created a ballet/lyrical film today. We started with a ballet warm up and learned the combos we would be presenting. We also were able to create makeshift costumes from what we have and create site specific scenes for our dance. Creating the film was a little tough because we didn’t have a counselor today but they did a great job working hard off and on camera. The girls did really great having learned so many new things in one day and their creativity really shines through in the video. 

Minors have a few more added in to class, all campers who have been in the minor before! Now we have 5 in the dance minors! We added our new three into the piece we had created and they picked it up so quickly we were able to finish the piece! We planned to do another piece and solos on top of what we had learned since they all had taken dance at camp or outside before and they all picked up the movement so quickly. At the end of class we began to pick out solo songs and create our 30 second solos with movement phrases.


Day 3

Today we only have Sharon because it was Gabs last day of camp and Samara was visiting her cousin. So I prepped for a private lesson and brought in a wide array of inspiring dances we could watch on the projector assuming we would be tired by the end of three hours.

We warmed up and then we went over our modern piece just to keep it in our body. I prepared some dance tricks for Sharon because she was in gymnastics the prior weeks. We worked on new things that came easy like a poncho into a forward role and then things that didn’t come as easy like a kip up. We also started a solo to incorporate all the new moves we learned. By the last hour we took a break to watch some dance clips but after three I could tell Sharon wanted to keep dancing, so we kept going which was super inspiring.



In minors I was super excited to create their hat dance. I expected to create this piece with the majors but since I had more in minor I decided to create it with them. We had a bunch of maroon top hats that I make sure everyone feels super awesome in and we play with all the possibilities of having the hat. We put it on our fit in the air and decided if we drop it to make it a big deal so it looks like we did it on purpose. They loved that idea of making a mistake meaningful. The song is super upbeat and all of the students are getting really into the movement and the houses which is so thrilling to see!


Day 4

 We have another private because one camper was discouraged by another camper during recess break and dropped out which was upsetting to hear. We ended up working on a dance with beach balls that was going to be a duet and we did it together. We incorporated the ball into Sharons solo which added a cool flair and went well with her song from the ‘Descendent’ movies. I set up some videos again we could watch in case she got exhausted, but she wanted to dance the whole time.  During the song she asked if we could put a jump at a certain part because it made her feel “powerful” which was great to hear how music and dance can empower her!


Day 5

On the last day we prepped for our show and created a Birthday dance for Sharon which we added to her solo. Everything went well with the minor and majors and even my mom came. All of the kids got to show their individual personalities in both the group pieces and their solos and looked like they had a lot of fun!